Just Wiki

Just Wiki

Just Wiki provides you with everything you need for creating a powerful wiki for your company: from versioning to tracking changes to editorial workflows – that‘s how knowledge manangement is done with fun.

  • Easy-to-use editor
  • Versioning with tracking changes
  • Editorial workflows
  • Archiving
  • File attachments

Easy-to-use editor.

Our WYSIWYG editor lets you and your colleagues create wiki pages with style and easy. The editor is as simple to use as any text editor and also lets you copy and paste contents from MS Word – including the formatting.


The version history of a wiki page enables you to view, restore and compare any version of the page. The tracking changes feature marks all additions, deletions and changes in different colors. Pretty sweet.

Editorial workflows.

Our Enterprise Version of Just Social provides you with with customizable editorial workflows for the creation and maintenance of your wiki pages: from single to multi stage to role-based processes – everything is possible.


A wiki page is no longer needed? No problem: just archive it with a single click. Yet archived pages are still searchable if you include the archive in your search – and restorable at any point in time with just one click.

File attachments.

Of course you can upload and link files to any wiki page. Our Enterprise Version is capable of including the files in the versioning and the editorial workflows of wiki pages – for knowledge management with highest standards.