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Just List

Just List is your task management tool for sharing tasks and tasks list. It‘s a great tool to manage your personal to-do list as well as entire projects: See what everybody is working on and keep track of what is already done – it‘s simple and fun.

  • Tasks and subtasks
  • Task lists
  • Status and due date
  • Task description
  • Notifications

Tasks and subtasks.

Just List enables you and your colleagues to create and assign tasks in an incredibly simple and joyful way. You can also divide complex tasks in subtasks if you like to breakdown the steps. That‘s really useful. And it‘s fun.

Task lists.

If you want to coordinate a project with your team, just create a task list: choose a name for your list and give your team members permissions – and start creating tasks for your project immediately.

Status and due date.

To stay on top of things you can easily assign a status and due date to every single task. If a task is completed just tick the box and the task will disappear from your list. However, you can still view all completed tasks if you want to.

More good stuff.

Just List provides you with many more helpful features to make work easier: the task description, for example, allows you to add more information to any task. Our notifications keep you posted on every task beeing assigned to you.