Just Connect

Just Connect lets you collaborate in real-time with style. Send messages, share documents and search through all your conversations with just one click. Teamwork has never been simpler, faster, gnarlier. Enjoy.

  • Team collaboration​
  • File sharing
  • Pictures and videos
  • Emojis
  • Full-text search
  • Notifications

Team collaboration.

Just Connect does not only let you communicate in one-to-one chats but also in groups: just select a name and invite your colleagues – and off you go. Put an end to e-mail ping pong and enjoy collaborating with your team.

File sharing.

It goes without saying that Just Connect also enables you to share files. Our document preview allows you to access the content of almost any file quickly without downloading the file and opening additional applications. Nice.

Picture sharing.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That‘s why Just Connect lets you share pictures in real-time. Send pictures of your trade-show booth, your flipchart notes or your team event – use cases are a dime a dozen.


Emojis have become the universal sign language. Just the heart symbol alone is being used about a billion times a day. Just Connect brings emojis to your company to enable a modern form of communication that‘s fast & fun.

Fulltext search.

Our fulltext search engine is lightning-fast. It allows you to search all messages across all your conversations with just one click. And it includes not only text messages but also all shared files. The result: nothing gets lost anymore.


If somebody shoots you a message and you are not online, Just Connect will send you a notification via smartphone and/or e-mail. You can also deactivate notifications or selectively mute conversations – it‘s all up to you.